Mostly we talk about all the great things that other people are doing. But sometimes we come across ideas that no one has put into practice yet, but which are just so good! Then we do it ourselves.



With clarat , for the Benckiser Stiftung, we have created a platform which gives an overview of the support services available to families, and more recently also for refugees. Anybody who has a problem or needs help can look through the databank for social organisations and contact points in their area which can step in quickly to help. clarat is the first, and to date only, website in Germany which gives you a clear view through the jungle of the countless support services that are available.


Ablass App (Indulgence App)

In Johann Tetzel’s time, after you had committed a sin, you could still just buy your way to freedom. Luther found that immoral, and he was right about that. But we found the idea of an indulgence app so funny that during a hackathon, we just went ahead and programmed it. The idea is not that it will encourage people to sin. But don’t they do that anyway? And why not, after a night out on the turps, do something good and donate to Alcoholics Anonymous? With the small provocation of the Indulgence App, we didn’t just have a lot of fun, we were also able to tap into a target donor group. However the selling of indulgences didn’t quite make it into the App Store in the end.