We at the betterplace lab have been monitoring international developments in the digital-social field for over five years. While back then people were still experimenting with digital technologies somewhat crudely, apps, websites and sensors are increasingly establishing themselves in the everyday life of social organisations. Well, okay, sensors are not quite there yet.
Over the course of the years we have tracked down a wealth of examples (over 700 in the trendradar alone) and have researched many of them on site across the globe (lab around the world). Over the course of our trend research and through the numerous studies we have put together, we are stockpiling a treasure trove of knowledge and experiences which we are only too happy to share.


Inspirational Talk

In talks, we create excitement with breastfeeding fathers from Indonesia, cow-management apps from Kenya or payment systems that were around in Kenya for years before Apple Pay. And we also deliver the contexts behind such innovations to boot.

Trend Workshop

Something to refresh your colleagues and employees: in customised trend workshops we work on your issues, letting the winds of innovation blow. So that you can come up with new ideas.

Innovation Infusions for Companies

We bring you and your company together with the makers and innovators! That’s how you get to be up close and personal with the creative trendsetters, see how they think and work – and can copy down their best stuff. Also ideal for adding a few bright sparks to your network.


Examples from our partners and clients


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Inspirational Talk

Aid organisations in Kenya that send farmers vaccination appointments for their cows via SMS. Ministries in Costa Rica that solve health problems in a “hackathon”. Advertising agencies in the USA that are recommending their clients work exclusively with social internet campaigns. And every day, more highly educated young people who are founding companies to combat a social problem with digital technologies. In an increasing number of corners of the globe the internet is not just used for shopping and social media, but also to genuinely make the world more liveable. The betterplace lab is right at home in this digital-social world. And has at its disposal specialised knowledge of innovations, the work processes behind them, the key players and the stories from this world.

We have quite a few stories to tell about this world. In fascinating keynotes and talks on the big stage. Or in small groups by the fireplace. The target groups are aid organisations, foundations, companies, agencies, conferences and much more. As inspiration for your employees, business partners – or for yourself.



Trend Workshop
















Is the Internet of Things really just a buzzword for nerds? Will there soon be a data privacy charter for NGOs? And will a drone really be able to help make my work more effective in a few years’ time? The betterplace lab knows in which directions the social sector will develop in the coming years. And what that means for your organisation and your work. Since 2010, the betterplace lab has been identifying and analysing trends at the digital-social interface. Not just from our Berlin desk, but also on the annual research field trip “Lab Around the World”.

In the past, many NGOs, ministries or companies have already profited from our quite unique knowledge which we acquire in this way, though most of them only by enquiry. Now we are putting ourselves out there. In worker-friendly, 5-to-9 evening workshops, the betterplace lab presents a current trend and, together with you, compiles its effects on your individual future challenges. The target groups for the Trend Workshop are above all NGOs, foundations, institutions in development cooperation work, policy-makers and associations. Food and drinks are included in the price of 99 Euros – so that the mutual exchange doesn’t fall short of the mark.


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Internet of Things

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Innovation Infusions for Organisations


















The innovations of the future aren’t just coming from Silicon Valley. But also from the iHub in Nairobi, a Brazilian CSR department or a garage in South Beijing. There, and in many other places around the globe, for some years now, people have been creating digital products and services that do not (just) have financial gain as a goal, but also have a social value. We call it the digital-social world. And this consists by no means only of classical aid organisations or time-honoured foundations, but also of young tech entrepreneurs or creative activists.

Regardless of whether it’s a micropayment app from Rwanda, a radar-operated urine alarm from Japan or quiz-based online campaigns for human rights in Turkey – it is not just the end products from these innovators which are so often new and disruptive, but also the road that leads to their development. For example, because they are developed in a more user-centred way. Because there are more open innovation processes such as hackathons. Or because the makers behind them do not operate in rigid hierarchies, but rather in a flexible, networked organisation. Both the innovations themselves and the work processes behind them offer today’s normal for-profit companies valuable (and value-creating!) stimulation for their workplace culture.

The betterplace lab has exclusive knowledge about the innovation landscape of the digital-social world – 40 trends, 700 cases, thousands of contacts across the world, from Addis Ababa to Zagreb. With this, we shed light on a “blind spot” that many classical trend researchers have. In an interactive day-long workshop in Berlin, we take your organisation along on an illuminating journey. A journey that is custom-made for your field – be it the healthcare, education, energy, mobility, credit or insurance industry. We provide insights into case studies, explain trends, hook you up with the people in the field and collaboratively develop new impulses for the future of your organisation in various formats (including design thinking). The target groups in organisations for the Innovation Infusion are primarily workers from the field of strategy, BD, R&D, but also in HR and emerging leadership programs.








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