We like each other anyway

Even though we’re all so different. Which is also why our decentralised work model works so well.
Who works where and when isn’t important to us. What matters is results.

Joana Breidenbach

Joana Breidenbach

has a PhD in cultural anthropology and is the author of numerous books on the cultural effects of globalisation, migration and tourism. Including: Tanz der Kulturen (The Dance of Cultures) (Rowohlt 2000), Maxikulti (Maxiculturalism) (Campus 2008) and Seeing Culture Everywhere (Washington Press 2009). Joana Breidenbach is a cofounder of betterplace.org and the founder of the betterplace lab.

Joana is in charge of marketing, networking and inspiration.

Isabel Gahren

 researches how digital technologies can help enforce human rights. For this purpose, she founded a video platform for human rights and chairs the international blogger network and the NGO Future Challenges. After several editorial years, the organization of  journalism workshops and the management of an initiative of the Internet & Society Collaboratory on Human Rights & Internet she is now managing the editorial  department.

Franziska Kreische

Franziska Kreische

studied peace and conflict studies and wants to find out how digital technologies can promote peace processes. After her masters, she lived for some time in Uganda and worked on development projects. In the lab, she keeps an eye on the team and likes to be involved in the writing of studies and reports.

Franzi is getting our storytelling lab off the ground.

Ben Mason

 joined the betterplace lab in 2013 and works as a researcher and project lead. He studied philosophy and since joining the lab focus topics have included Big Data and ICT4Agri.

Ben is currently leading the betterplace lab’s work on digital innovation around refugees and migration.


Katja Jäger

holds a degree in Nonprofit Management & Public Governance and Communication Science. While and after studying she was engaged at AIESEC, amongst others in countries of the global south. She likes to ask herself and others the question of social impact and is enthusiastic about Effective Altruism.

Katja is currently working on demokratie.io, an innovation fund aiming to better understand how digitisation and democracy go together in practice.

Stephan Peters

Stephan Peters

studied linguistics and communications. Previously he worked as a copywriter, afterwards at the FU Berlin in the “Languages of Emotion” cluster of excellence as a research assistant and was employed as a lecturer at the TU Berlin. In 2013, he came to betterplace.org to bolster the marketing; in 2015 he switched over to the betterplace lab.

Stephan excites the world from the betterplace lab.

Carolin Silbernagl

loves digital-social innovation, something she has been fully devoting herself to during the past five years as a co-founder and CEO of the social startup dotHIV. Before that, she has worked as scientific staff and project manager in classic philanthropy. Carolin not only contributes founders’ spirit but also brings lots of experience in non-profit management and impact-oriented strategy to the lab, as well as economic and civil society networks.

Carolin is taking the lab out there and keeps an eye on the budget.

Angela Ullrich

has a PhD in economics and is interested primarily in the economy of the non-profit sector. She is currently working freelance as a university lecturer and analyst. For the betterplace lab she analyses the German philanthropy market, supports the NGO-Meter Team and publishes studies and reports.

Angela knows the figures, all of them: Spendenmarkt, NGO-Meter.

Yannick Lebert

Yannick Lebert is an economist, sociologist and specialist in blockchain, token & crypto economics. He has done substantial research in the field and leveraged his knowledge in economic principles and social theory to design viable and sustainable token economies. Yannick has worked as an advisor for various blockchain projects.

In the lab he is part of the editorial department and does research on topics where digital technology and the common good meet.


Nadine Brömme

Nadine Brömme contributes a keen interest and more than 10 years of experience in digitization. She started her professional career as social media analyst, then worked as social media strategist for an independent film company in Canada and spent the past 5 years as digital strategist at TLGG, an international agency for digital business. Within her career she set a clear focus on chances and challenges of digitization for social and political contexts. Her knowledge from consulting NGOs on the strategic use of digital tools is incorporated in our initiative against Hate Speech, Das NETTZ.

Hanna Gleiss

Hanna Gleiss has studied political science in Berlin and international relations in Paris. For 8 years she worked for the Robert Bosch Stiftung as a project manager in the department of international relations, handling projects with the focus on conflict prevention, understanding, media and the set-up of the Robert Bosch Academy. Since October 2017 she is building up our initiative against hate speech Das NETTZ with the aim to strengthen online civil courage in Germany.

Nora Hauptmann

Nora Hauptmann is excited about the achievements of digital social innovation in several fields. She used to focus on education when she directed the Jordan office of an edTech organization for refugees. Her background is in Psychology and at betterplace lab, she works on the topics of migration and ICT4Development, with a European and international perspective.


Barbara Djassi

Barbara Djassi has studied Experimental Media at the Media Art at the University of the Arts Berlin and feels at home in the world of film and video. As activist she is engaged for an open and democratic society and a digital world which is fairer than now. Since november 2018 she is working for Das NETTZ – initiative against hate speech.


Mona Niebuhr

Mona Niebuhr is currently working on her Master’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxation at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and has been part of the lab team as a working student in project administration and finance since October 2017. Prior to her studies in Germany she graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and gained some work experience at a medium-sized tax, accounting and auditing firm.