Online fundraising has hit the mainstream. But its potential is a long way from being exhausted! Which donation-based organisation wouldn’t want to improve their online fundraising? Wouldn’t want to know how they can best use their resources to achieve the best donation results? For this, it is worth first of all making a comparison with market partners and competition. In Germany, only the NGO-Meter offers this comparative possibility. That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. Get involved!

While in the US there is now a range of reports on online fundraising, in Germany, the NGO-Meter is establishing itself as the benchmark for donation activity and performance in online fundraising. For NGOs, participation is easy, quick, and absolutely free!


participate now!


Six reasons why you should participate:

  1. Because then you can better assess your online fundraising performance and can answer the question: how do the others do it?
  2. Because you receive the results of the survey free of charge, interpreted and prepared as a presentation – even before the official publication!
  3. Because you can participate in online fundraising workshops and exchange ideas and network with other NGOs.
  4. Because we raffle off five “Knowledge Packs” between all the participants: the online fundraising handbook, trendradar and much more.
  5. Because your data is collected anonymously.
  6. Because the survey only takes ten minutes.


So that you know what’s in store: here are the ten questions of the NGO-Meter

  1. Proportion of online donations of total donation volume in %?
  2. Average online donation amount per transaction in Euros?
  3. Number of unique visitors to the website?
  4. Average jump rate of the website?
  5. Number of pages per visit on the website?
  6. Origin of website visitors?
  7. Proportion of regular online donors in comparison to all online donors?
  8. Proportion of different modes of payment for online donations?
  9. Conversion rate of the standard donation form?
  10. Average open rate of email mailouts?

(previous participants voted these indicators as the ten most important.)


A look back at the results from 2014: