How is the future of philanthropy looking? How can big data be used for the good of civil society? And how can digital innovations help refugees? Big questions that we answer together with entrepreneurs, experts and visionaries – and all over lunch. In a relaxed atmosphere, we meet up at inspiring locations and speak in small groups about topics which are crucial to us for the digital-social future. The trendsetting ideas are worked up into an attractive PDF, Five Star Food for Thought. And if this whets your appetite, you can try the recipes yourself at home!


At our first Lunchtime Conversation at home, the and betterplace lab founder Joanna Breidenbach tackled the question: Digital Philanthropy: Evolution or Revolution? Put more precisely: should we help established social organisations to become digitised? Or should we concentrate our energy on disruptive innovators, on the new change-makers? Along for the ride were:

  • Markus Hipp, Director of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt
  • Julia Kloiber, Director of the project Code for Germany at the Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Anne Kjaer Riechert, Cofounder of REDI School of Digital Integration
  • Stephan Breidenbach, Professor for Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law and International Finance Law and Cofounder of Schools on the Move.

You can download this as a PDF here. Or you can take a look below using Issuu.