The 2015 betterplace labtogether – the premier conference on digital innovations for a good cause – is over, and we would like to thank everyone who was there on the day – who workshopped, ate, partied and discussed with us. About topics that we’ve been working on this year: digital refugee support, the future of work and the Internet of Things.


Two minutes at full throttle: our trailer for the labtogether 2015


All up, we gathered together. 5 keynotes, 20 breakout sessions, 300 participants and a whole range of digital-social examples. You can see some of the highlights here, the complete program and more videos, images and information can be found on


The future of work

Panel: What do we need for a successful workplace of the future?
Digitisation is changing our working world: be it the conditions under which we work, our outlook on work itself or the jobs themselves – everything is in flux. But how do we deal with this? What challenges and opportunities do employees have to adapt to? And will work as we know even continue to exist?


The Internet of Things

Keynote: Why the Internet of Things affects us all
Modern digital technology and sensor technology make it possible: The Internet of Things. Objects become “smart”. Collect data. Send data. Receive data. Make our lives easier in many ways. And make new business models possible. When does that actually affect us? What changes for us? Do we know what happens with our data?


Digital Refugees

Q&A: Do we need more tech or more humanity? Potential and limitations of digital refugee work.
Helping people who have had to flee their homeland, some of whom have lost everything: is that even possible with a smartphone and a laptop? Nishant Shah, Africa Director for Refugees United and Anne Kjaer Riechert, cofounder of Refugees on Rails discuss with Björn Lampe how digital technologies help – and where they get in the way of us helping.


Breakout sessions

From 20 different sessions, each participant was able to pick and choose their favourites. In entirely different formats, the four core topics of the conference were covered from continually different perspectives and according to different questions, e. g. “Prototyping Urban Citizen Services”, “Good Work – Effectiveness instead of Balancing”, “Kokeshidi – an IoT Communication Device for Grandparents and Grandchildren”, “The Internet of Things Private, Really Private, Totally Private: Does my book belong to me?” and much, much more.