The betterplace lab trendradar forms the core of our research work. It’s not just where we publish the best examples of digital-social innovation in an easy-to-search database, it’s also where our expertise is bundled together into forward-looking trends and implementation-oriented analyses.



The social sector in Germany is facing similar structural changes to those we have observed in recent years in the world of finance and in social life. For people born after 1980 – the so-called ‘digital natives’ – the internet is something that they take for granted, something they grew up with. They share content, network and collaborate on a daily basis and without effort. And they are the future generation of donors, supporters, activists and leaders of social work in Germany.

For this reason, it is vital that the participants from the social sector learn how to work with these new digital tools. Only then can they be prepared for the changes to come. Besides this, the organisations which take on the digital challenge and recognise their potential early have a competitive advantage. The digital/social trendradar outlines which developments we can expect to see.

With the betterplace lab digital/social trendradar, we hope to create momentum, inspire, and to help organisations to find their path moving forward. The trendradar is not a glance into the crystal ball: we don’t know which trends will survive and for how long. But we can recognise likely directions. The internet poses us with a paradox: on the one hand, there is the future in a world of inexhaustible information, social differentiation and globalisation are less predictable than ever before. However at the same time, our seismographic capacities are significantly more developed, we are better able to discover, understand and disseminate important developments. The betterplace lab trendradar aims to help to determine the strategic direction of organisations, to discover new spheres of action and to develop new services and products. In short: to increase innovative capacities.

The betterplace lab trendradar is directed at non-profit and other organisations who are active in the social, cultural or environmental sectors Small, grass roots organisations are just as much the target as large and established organisations. But also those who provide funding – be they foundations, companies, development policymakers or philanthropists – can operate and invest more professionally thanks to the digital/social trendradar. And journalists, bloggers, academics and other people with an interest in the social sector can inform themselves about the latest developments and serve as multiplicators.

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And because the betterplace lab trendradar is such a hefty tome, it even has its own website, where you can also order our current trendradar magazine 2016 – made from real paper, and you can pay as you like.

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