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The internet can be more than shopping, gossip and photos of cats. All over the world people are also using the internet to solve social problems. But because nobody knows precisely how best to use digital tools to make the world a better place, we're going traveling to see for ourselves. Around the world 2014 we met lots of people who are behind social digital success stories. That's why we will head off again, this time to Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Japan and beyond. So that all of us can learn from their experiences.


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Each researcher has their own blog, where you can discover more:

Moritz Eckert is co-founder of betterplace and semi-professional globetrotter. Moritz will be reporting from Turkey.

Medje Prahm studied Indology as part of her Master of Philosophy and Economics, and specialised in Social Impact Measurement of small NGOs. Since 2012 as Interior Minister of the betterplace lab, she has held the network together and supported Joana at the helm.
Medje will be researching in Estonia.

Ben Mason studied Philosophy and German in Oxford. The 25-year-old has written for the the Times and the Spectator amongst other publications. Since October 2013 Ben has been manager of international projects in the betterplace lab. Ben will be investigating the digital scenes in Mexico and Colombia.
Joana Breidenbach is a cultural anthropologist and author of numerous books on the cultural consequences of globalisation, including Tanz der Kulturen (Rohwohlt, 2000) and Seeing Culture Everywhere (Washington Press, 2009). Joana is a director of betterplace.org and also heads up the betterplace lab. She watches over the shoulders of blogger-activists in Egypt.
Kathleen Ziemann holds a Master's Degree in Cultural Studies and has researched topics including minority languages on Facebook. Kathleen worked previously as editor at Doctors Without Borders and has been Trendreporter-in-Chief in the betterplace lab. She will do her research in Thailand.

Dennis Buchmann is a graduate in biology and alumnus of the German School of Journalism. He came up with and ran the Humanglobaler Zufall magazine. The 36-year-old has been Creative Editor at the betterplace lab for a number of years. Dennis will spent his resarch trip in Japan.
Franziska Kreische graduated with an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies before moving to Uganda where she worked for various development projects. Alongside researching, Franzi is "Queen of Content" in the lab, coordinating our online communication and distribution of publications. She will be investigating the digital-social scene in South Africa.

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Our findings also became part of the Stanford PACS Blueprint 2015:

Together with Mozilla we analyzed how NGO and activists protect their data:

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