We like each other anyway

Even though we’re all so different. Which is also why our decentralised work model works so well.
Who works where and when isn’t important to us. What matters is results.

Joana Breidenbach

Joana Breidenbach

has a PhD in cultural anthropology and is the author of numerous books on the cultural effects of globalisation, migration and tourism. Including: Tanz der Kulturen (The Dance of Cultures) (Rowohlt 2000), Maxikulti (Maxiculturalism) (Campus 2008) and Seeing Culture Everywhere (Washington Press 2009). Joana Breidenbach is a cofounder of betterplace.org and the founder of the betterplace lab.

Joana is in charge of marketing, networking and inspiration.

Dennis Buchmann

Dennis Buchmann

has a degree in biology, a master’s in public policy and is a graduate of the German School of Journalism. He created the magazine Humanglobaler Zufall and is the editor in chief of the publication. Since the birth of the betterplace lab Dennis has been a kind of creative director there: he works in an editorial and conceptual capacity. Since 2011, with MeinekleineFarm.org, he has been giving a face to meat.

Dennis writes about hot stuff for the betterplace lab trendradar.

Moritz Eckert

carried out his civil service with the rescue service of the German Red Cross, successfully broke off his studies in sociology, contemporary history and African studies in Berlin, copywriter with Jung von Matt in Hamburg, cofounder and board member of betterplace.org, where he is responsible for strategy, PR and IT, inventor and founder of the first football commentator site in the world, now in the betterplace lab.

Moritz is planning the next trip:  lab around the world.

Franziska Kreische

Franziska Kreische

studied peace and conflict studies and wants to find out how digital technologies can promote peace processes. After her masters, she lived for some time in Uganda and worked on development projects. In the lab, she keeps an eye on the team and likes to be involved in the writing of studies and reports.

Franzi is getting our storytelling lab off the ground.

Gesa Luedecke

holds a PhD in Sustainability Sciences and has ongoing interest in media impact on sustainable engagement among citizens. For this, Gesa has traveled the world and worked in countries like Cambodia and the United States. Since February 2016, Gesa is a lab worker and supports our team with her expertise in knowledge transfer.

Gesa links up movers and shakers at the labtogether.

Ben Mason

 joined the betterplace lab in 2013 and works as a researcher and project lead. He studied philosophy and since joining the lab focus topics have included Big Data and ICT4Agri.

Ben is currently leading the betterplace lab’s work on digital innovation around refugees and migration.

Katja Jäger

holds a degree in Nonprofit Management & Public Governance and Communication Science. What she didn’t learn in school but in AIESEC: what leadership and international understanding are all about! Since spending some time in Southern Africa she particularly pays attention to the topic of development cooperation. She always bears in mind the impact of actions in everything she does.

Katja is researching and supporting projects at the lab.

Stephan Peters

Stephan Peters

studied linguistics and communications. Previously he worked as a copywriter, afterwards at the FU Berlin in the “Languages of Emotion” cluster of excellence as a research assistant and was employed as a lecturer at the TU Berlin. In 2013, he came to betterplace.org to bolster the marketing; in 2015 he switched over to the betterplace lab.

Stephan excites the world from the betterplace lab.

Carolin Silbernagl

loves digital-social innovation, something she has been fully devoting herself to during the past five years as a co-founder and CEO of the social startup dotHIV. Before that, she has worked as scientific staff and project manager in classic philanthropy. Carolin not only contributes founders’ spirit but also brings lots of experience in non-profit management and impact-oriented strategy to the lab, as well as economic and civil society networks.

Carolin is taking the lab out there and keeps an eye on the budget.

Basti Schwiecker

has a degree in economics, and after various positions in development cooperation work, cofounded the online volunteering platform Helpedia in 2007. As early as 2010, he was doing work for betterplace.org, until we monopolised him for several months in the Dev Bootcamp. Following this, he worked as a software developer for various social startups. Since 2014 he has been working for us.

Basti tinkers with clarat and clarat.

Angela Ullrich

has a PhD in economics and is interested primarily in the economy of the non-profit sector. She is currently working freelance as a university lecturer and analyst. For the betterplace lab she analyses the German philanthropy market, supports the NGO-Meter Team and publishes studies and reports.

Angela knows the figures, all of them: Spendenmarkt, NGO-Meter.

Kathleen Ziemann

Kathleen Ziemann

is a cultural studies and communications academic. As a student and then lecturer at the Viadrina European University she carried out research on how digital communication influences language and identity, and taught on the topic of computer-based interview analysis. She is enthusiastic about all forms of social media communication – for example about minority languages on Facebook.

Kathleen is now building up her own small team (aka her family).